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Elections to the BPPA Exec Committee - Call for Applicants

The British Postgraduate Philosophy Association is due to renew its Executive Committee by the end of July 2024. This election is open to all people who registered as philosophical postgraduate students in the UK by 1st July 2024. We encourage potential candidates to send their nominations. 


This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone aspiring to make a positive impact on the postgraduate Philosophy community in the UK, since the BPPA is the leading association in that regard and one of the biggest Philosophy learned societies in the UK, as well as to enhance one’s CV. 


The positions open for election are the following: 

  • President: the president is the main leader of the BPPA, serving as the ultimate contact point in the tiered democratic representation system. The President shall have the right to host the main events of the BPPA (e.g., annual conference, regional conference, etc.) and preside at all meetings of the Association and at all meetings of the Executive Committee.


  • Vice-President: The Vice President shall be responsible for assisting the President in the day-to-day running and operations of the Association. The Vice President shall also be able to perform additional duties explicitly proper to other roles on the Executive Committee, which shall be decided on unanimously by current Executive Committee members according to their priorities that year.


  • Secretary/Communications Officer: the communications officer shall oversee the BPPA’s website and social media presence and shall coordinate with the hosts of our annual conference and master classes to successfully advertise these events.


  • The Events Coordinator should be responsible for the general organisation of our events, which includes selecting and coordinating with host institutions, advertising etc. Examples of events previously held: annual conference, careers workshops, masterclass, smaller regional conferences, writing retreats, spring seminar series. However, it is not expected from the Events Coordinator to take on the whole organization of every event. Events typically require a collaborative effort from the Executive Committee. Also, the events coordinator has the right to call for volunteers for the events above.


  • Democracy and Outreach Officer: The Outreach and Democracy Officer shall ensure that the BPPA is a democratic organization which represents the thoughts and concerns of all postgraduate students in philosophy in the United Kingdom.


  • The Diversity and Inclusion Officer shall work with philosophy departments and other organizations (such as Minorities and Philosophy) to improve diversity and inclusion in philosophy at the postgraduate level.


In order to apply, please send an email to with the subject ‘BPPA Elections- Application’. The body of the email should include 1) the position(s) the applicant would like to run for, 2) the degree which, and the university where, the applicant studies, 3) a letter or statement explaining their motivations and suitability for the role(s) they are applying to is most welcome.


The deadline for the submission of nominations is the 22th July, 2024. 


The new committee will then be elected through a democratic voting system open to all BPPA members. 


Any questions should be directed to our email, .

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