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Joining the BPPA

The British Postgraduate Philosophy Association (BPPA) is an organisation made up of postgraduates from a variety of institutions across the United Kingdom. We have two primary objectives:


  1. To connect students from different departments throughout the United Kingdom with one another so as to encourage a spirit of community and collaboration. 

  2. To provide a series of high-quality events tailored specifically for postgraduates in order to give them a platform to both promote and develop their ideas and research. 


Membership to the BPPA is open to anyone who is current studying philosophy, or a closely related discipline, at the graduate (e.g. MA, MLitt, MPhil) or PhD level. We expect the benefits associated with joining BPPA to continue to expand as we further develop the membership programme over time. Current benefits of membership, to name a few, include: 


  • Involvement in an active community set up for postgraduate students to feel included and represented amongst peers.

  • Access to a variety of events such as conferences, workshops, and masterclasses either online or in several locations throughout the academic year, as well as to the travel funding we provide for them.

  • The chance to network and form connections with other researchers at a similarly early stage in their careers. 

Any contributions collected from members will be used to either fund a number of opportunities, such as our regional and/or national conferences, student bursaries for travel expenses and registration fees, or towards the general running costs of the association. 


At present, we only have an individual membership plan; however, we are in the process of strategizing as to the possibility of department/societal memberships. Our membership fee is set at a one-time payment of £8, per year. You can pay using the PayPal button below.


Since BPPA is the sibling organisation to the British Philosophical Association (BPA), we have set our price according to their full membership cost for unwaged individual as we believe this best reflects the status of students. Like with the BPA, membership to BPPA will typically run from the start of October to the end of September (corresponding to the usual length of the academic year). 


If you are interested in joining, then please proceed to the online membership form. Here, we will ask for a few details, i.e., institutional affiliation and current qualification. You can also find some information regarding payment. 


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