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Spring Seminar Series

BPPA Spring Seminar Series 2023

One more year, we are delighted to present our Spring Seminar Series.  The 2023 edition runs every Tuesday 6-7pm (BST) from May 16th-July 4th.

Every week, a philosophy grad student from a British university will present their research at each seminar, and a discussion with the attendants will follow. We want it to be an inclusive, supportive space in which ideas, arguments and views surrounding the topic of the talk are shared and debated. The aim is that not only the presenter will benefit from the session—all participants should!

If you would like to attend, please sign up here. You will receive a Zoom link on the eve of every session. 


Seminar Series – Programme

16th May - Jelena Milosavljevic (UCL) - Intemperance and bodily pleasure in Aristotle's ethics 

23th May - Jessica Sutherland (Birmingham) - Who are You to Call me Responsible?


30th May - Diego Exposito (Sheffield) - A dependency-based argument in defence of assisting liminal animals


6th June - Christopher Joseph (Edinburgh) - Acquiring Autonomy: Social Play and the Scaffolding of Normative Agency


13th June - Lewis Williams (Oxford) - Revolutionary normative subjectivism 


20th June - Giulia Lorenzi (Warwick) - On the distinctivness of listening to music 


27th June - Francisca Silva (St Andrews) - First Order Sentences, Components and their subject matter


4th July - Marina Pinedo (LSE) - How should we define our gender terms? Modifications to Katharine Jenkins' metaphysical account of gender

The book of abstracts for the talks can be found here.

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