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Socio-Political Philosophy Reading Group

The British Postgraduate Philosophy Association (BPPA) is commencing a new initiative: starting in May 2024, we will be conducting a series of online reading groups which aim to produce book reviews for publication in academic journals. Participants will be selected through an application process and each reading group will have no more than 6 participants. 

All participants will receive authorship of the book reviews collaboratively written.

The reading groups will be chaired by B.V.E. Hyde, BPPA Vice President, a journal reviews editor, and author of more than 50 book reviews to date. 

Here are the details on the Socio-Political Philosophy Reading Group


Britain’s Slavery Debt (Oxford University Press, 2024); Freedom and Equality (Oxford University Press, 2024); Structural Violence (Oxford University Press, 2024); What is Structural Injustice? (Oxford University Press, 2024); Private Censorship (Oxford University Press, 2023); Facing Authority (Oxford University Press, 2023); Antitrust and Upstream Platform Power Plays (Oxford University Press, 2023); War by Agreement (Oxford University Press, 2023); Democracy: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford University Press, 2024); The Concept of Democracy (Oxford University Press, 2023); Just Policing (Oxford University Press, 2023); Democracy: A Guided Tour (Oxford University Press, 2023); Educating for Democracy (Cambridge University Press, 2023); Social Anarchy and the Rejection of Moral Tyranny (Cambridge University Press, 2023.


Should a large number of strong applications be made, the BPPA will consider increasing the number of reading groups. 

Applications will consist of a resume or academic curriculum vitae and a short statement of ~150 words outlining your motivations and suitability for authorship of an academic book review of a book on one (or more) of the topics listed. Send applications to with the subject “BPPA Reading Group” by 13 May, making sure to state clearly which reading group(s) you are applying for.

Suitability will be determined by students’ existing knowledge of a topic, their aptitude for academic writing, and their ability to work collaboratively as part of a small research team. Please evidence these in your application. Previous reviewing experience or other publications may benefit an application, but this initiative is targeted at both new and experienced reviewers.  

Applicants must be BPPA members or associate members, or be willing to join the association upon acceptance into a reading group. Preference will be given to those who are full members at the time of application, though selection for participation will be primarily determined by suitability as measured by the selection criteria listed above.

BPPA membership is open to all postgraduate students studying any subject with any connexion to philosophy, no matter how small. Associate membership is available to undergraduate philosophy students, postdocs in any discipline, and foreign postgraduate students in any discipline (i.e. those studying at a university outside of the UK). To obtain membership, visit:

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