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The BIPPA will subsequently be the BPPA

After listening carefully to some feedback provided by students based in the Republic of Ireland, and following some discussions concerning its appropriate remit, the Executive Committee of the Association has voted to restrict its scope and effort to the UK only. Henceforth the Association shall be thus known as — once again — the British Postgraduate Philosophical Assotiation (BPPA). This notwithstanding, we sincerely hope to collaborate with Irish learned societies and students based in Ireland in the future — and we are most open to proposals in that direction.

In this line, the Executive Committee of the BPPA has approved, by unanimity of members present (that is, 4 votes out of 4), hence following the constitutional procedures established to that end, a series of amendments to our Constitution. The new version of the Constitution can be consulted here: In line with the choices made and the changes implemented, we will update our website, media and public appearance accordingly in the incoming weeks.

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