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Masterclass 2023

The BIPPA Annual Masterclass is one of our most celebrated and long-standing yearly events. On this occasion, we have decided to have the Masterclass and the Annual Conference all together, the former following the latter.

The Masterclass is thought of as an afternoon session of lectures by some of the leading academics of the field, an opportunity for students to learn and engage with ongoing debates on topics of their interest.

This year, in connection with the Annual Conference, the theme of the Masterclass is ‘Identity & Race & Gender’: we will explore approaches to identity originating in both theoretical and practical philosophy, and the possible relations with race, gender, and other social categories. The Masterclass will consist of the following 90-min long lectures:

· Prof Eric Olson (Sheffield): How to Think About Personal Identity

· Prof Tommy J Curry (Edinburg): Prof Tommy J Curry (Edinburgh): Importing Racism through Gender Theory: Intersectionality, Misandric Stereotypes, and the War against Sociological Verifiability.

· Dr Valeria Venditti (University College Cork): Feminism in-difference – Towards an Immanent Politics of Breaking Boundaries.

The Masterclass will take place at University College Dublin, on the afternoon of the 12th November 2022. Those interested should register and pay a minimal registration fee in the Registration area of the following website: It is possible to register for the Masterclass alone, instead of the Conference and the Masterclass.

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