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BPPA Masterclass 2023

Every year, the BPPA organises a Masterclass in some philosophical theme or topic. Thus, the Masterclass is thought of as an afternoon session of lectures by some of the leading academics of the field, an opportunity for students to learn and engage with ongoing debates on topics of their interest.

This year, in connection with the Annual Conference, the theme of the Masterclass will be ‘Practical Philosophy’, and it will explore issues in normativity and metanormativity. The Masterclass will consist of the following one-hour long lectures, both taking place on Saturday 14th October:

​14.50-15-50: Dr Graham Bex-Priestley (Leeds): Towards a Substantive Theory of What We Just Plain Ought to Do

15.50-15.55: Break

15.55-16.55: Professor David Owens (King's College London): Rules and Rulers


Anyone registered for the Annual Conference can attend the Masterclass, either online or in person. Please note that registration is required, and that there will be a small registration fee for non-members of the association. You can find all the information about registering for the conference, and hence the masterclass, here. 

The Masterclass will take place in Room K159 of King's Manor, University of York. 

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