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Regional Conferences

Good philosophy requires conversation, interaction and dialogue. Sharing and discussing philosophical ideas is one of the best ways to establish communities and social bonds, and communal networks are a promising soil for the flourishing of a philosophical spirit. At the BIPPA, we believe that we should foster this sense of community at the regional level, with those around us, with those with whom conversations are easier, with those who share some of our concerns and joys, however different we may look. That is why we want to launch a series of regional conferences, that we plan to run yearly, where postgraduate students from specific regions can get to know each other, share their research and, hopefully, establish a helpful and supportive network. 

There are four regional conferences, as we have divided the British Isles in three regions: East and South-East, including London; West and Midlands, including Wales; and North of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. For the relevant information on each of them, please check the sites linked above. 

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